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Aerial Thermal Imaging / SewerLeaks – Identify and locate potential areas of ground seeps in the watershed, specifically, leaks from local underground sewer lines situated near of along the river creeks and tributary streams in remote locations

Welcome to Sewer Leaks

Identify and locate potential areas of ground seeps in the watershed, specifically, leaks from municipal sewer lines




Leak Detection

Pollution Detection

Aerial Mapping

Sewer Leaks
Sewer Leaks
Sewer Leaks
Sewer leaks can occur from tree root invasion, soil slippage, seismic activity, loss of foundation due to washout, flooding and sewage back up, among other events. High pressure systems will push leaks to the soil surface where they can be easily detected by thermal imaging. Systematic inspection of sewer lines, exclusion of hazardous waste, and adherence to modern construction and maintenance specifications are necessary preventative measures for protection of groundwater sources from sewer leaks.  
Remote sensing used in environmental surveys with the goal to identify and locate illegal dumping of wastes that contaminate soil, water, and air with a range of toxic pollution including dioxins. Aerial thermographic surveys assist municipalities to locate possible water pollution. We have assisted agencies to discover illegal discharge of pollutants. Our survey method allows our clients to view large areas and discover problems that are often difficult to observe, and often continue to contaminate water bodies. Survey techniques include aerial, multi-band infrared platforms guided by autopilot over GIS data layers.   
LiDAR, Orthoimagery, Oblique Imagery, 3D Models, Bathymetric LiDAR, Topographic, Planimetric and corridor mapping. Utilities located underground are critical infrastructure for cities. Commonly found underground are; freshwater, storm water, natural gas, electric power, sewage, data connections, etc. Some of our mapping techniques have assisted in locating these utilities that have been lost or forgotten. 



We are a group who love what we do. A team of airplane drivers, electron directors, lensmen, drone racing pilots with experience in: thermography, aviation, environmental engineering, GIS, aerial thermal imaging, thermographic mapping and software development. We are part of Aerial Thermal Imaging, a innovator and developer in thermographic mapping techniques. For more information, please visit: https://aerialthermalimaging.com


We are located at the Skypark Airport in Utah, but have aircraft, pilots and equipment throughout the USA. Call us any time at 801-915-7734. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time or season provides the best leak detection for a pressurized or unpressurized sewer leak project?
A: For the best results, conducting a survey with a low ambient air temperature and low solar loading is best. Also when leaves from trees have fallen, our cameras are able to see the ground better.

Q: Does your detection work on pressurized, not pressurized, or gravity fed sewers?  
A: We have successfully located leaks from both types of sewer systems.

Q: Do you have any case studies of successfully identifying sewer exfiltration?
A: We have never formally conducted a case study, but our average leak detection across multiple different sewer systems and locations, is one leak discovered per 15.4 miles surveyed.

Q: I have a small project, can you use a drone? 
A: Yes, absolutely. To legally fly a drone at night, our remote pilots secured special permission from the FAA. This waiver is FAA Part 107.29.